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Process extraction in healthcare cover multiple disciplines and applies to hospitals, animal clinics and specialist clinics such as plastic surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, ear- nose- and throat doctors, etc.

This segment is new to Toico Ventilation. Our arms are very suitable for extraction in operating theaters.

With a sterile extration hood the arm can be included in the sterile environment during operations.

In addition,the arm is made of cleanable materials, and can be disassembled for internal cleaning when desired.​

Extraction of surgical smoke at electrosurgery -or diathermy as it is called in technical language.

Today electric knives are used at operations. The heat from the blade closes the small blood vessels under way, so that there is virtually no blood during surgery. On the other hand, smoke is developed from the heated tissue. This smoke is harmful to inhale because it contains carcinogens.​

To extract surgical smoke you are advised to install an extractor arm type Multiflex 45 over the surgical site. The arm is easy to maneuver with one hand, and can get really close to the place where the smoke develops, so that it doesn`t get mixed into the clean air.​

The suction nozzle can be autoclaved and the extractor arm covered with a plastic tube so that it is sterile during the operation. This allows the surgeon to maneuver the arm during surgery if necessary.

​The other parts of the suctionarm can be cleaned externally and can be disassembled for internal cleaning when desired.​

Extraction of vapors from formalin developed from the handling of tissue samples.

When tissue samples are taken they are stored in vessels with formalin. In formalin there is formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic.

​Therefore it´s required that there is some kind of extraction from the handling of formalin. This can be either a benchtop extractor arm or a working cabinet with suction.​